A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The lore of the Lindworm's Golden Cookie

After a crazy US-President has started the nuclear war in 2018, nearly all of humanity and 99.99% of all cookies were wiped out. The only survivors mutated into cookie monsters and were on the everlasting search for the last cookies. The brave cookie monsters found out about a Lindworm who was hiding the fabled "Golden Cookie" in his cave. The cookie grants immortality to the chosen one.
They waited for days in front of his dungeon for him to leave to hunt. After the Lindworm left, they took the opportunity to sneak in and find the last cookie. As they went deeper into the cave they got separated and lost in a giant maze. Now it is up to the fastest one to find the holy golden cookie and claim it for himself while leaving his friends to their horrible fate when the Lindworm returns.


  • Player 1: W,A,S,D
  • Player 2: Arrow-Keys
  • Player 3: T,F,G,H
  • Player 4: I,J,K,L

If playing in 4-player Mode, it gets very cozy on one keyboard, so consider some external hardware. ;)


  • Chili-Cookie: Speeds up the player (Caution: it burns)
  • Hash-Cookie: Slooooooows down the player and inverts controls (4,20 seconds)
  • Golden-Cookie: Find it to win!
  • Cloud: Magic object that carries the player to a different location - but to find out where you have to take it ;)


  • Easy: 33x33 Tiles
  • Moderate: 49x49 Tiles
  • Hard: 65x65 Tiles
  • Impossible: 129x129 Tiles


  • Gabriel Heregger (Game Designer)
  • Franz Hohenberger (Audio, GUI)
  • Thomas Manfreda (Game Designer, Texturing)
  • Manuel Seywald (Developer, Level Design)
  • Andreas Tscheinig (Lead Developer)
  • Christoph Wedenig (Lead Developer)
  • Florian "Zenze" Zenzmaier (Graphics, Animation)


The code is available on Bitbucket.

Install instructions

For windows, just extract the .zip and start the .exe.

macOS: Download and run the .app.


The Lindwurm Cookie Cave (macOS) 25 MB
The Lindwurm Cookie Cave (Windows 32-bit) 20 MB
The Lindwurm Cookie Cave (Windows 64-bit) 22 MB

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